Name: THE Jessica Skelly
Age: Nineteen
Location: Near Cincinnati Ohio
Blog info: Chapter Chicks
Favorite Book: Iron Fey series and Harry Potter series
Favorite Author: Depends on the day, right now, since I just got done listening to Imprint, Stephenie Meyer.
Most inspirational blogger: The Story Siren
Favorite podcasts: PAGEMASTERS! :) Mugglecast, Imprint
Favorite Foods: Hot Fudge Cake
Favorite T.V. shows: Vampire Diaries, The Office, Weeds, Lost, Teen Mom

Name: THE Alex Bennett
Age: Fourteen
Location: Michigan
Favorite Book: ANYTHING by LJ Smith, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games
Favorite Author: LJ Smith
Most inspirational blogger: The Story Siren
Favorite podcasts: Smart Mouths, Glamourcast, MuggleCast, PotterCast, Imprint
Favorite Foods: Italian food.
Favorite T.V. shows: Glee, Modern Family